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"Mobile Marketing" pusdienis

Antradienis, 2008 09 16 d.

Š. m. rugsėjo 17-18 dienomis "Best Marketing" organizuoja dviejų dienų kongresą skirtą reklamai internete "Best Internet". Antrąją dieną (rugsėjo 18 d., nuo 15 val., "Forum Cinemas Vingis") rengiamas "Mobile Marketing" pusdienį, į kurį kviečia norinčius daugiau sužinoti apie reklamos galimybes mobiliuosiuose telefonuose. Registruotis galima čia.

"Mobile Marketing" pusdienio programa:

1. „Mobile Advertising“

Arda Kertmelioglu (member of MMA Board of Directors / EMEA ; Co-Founder / Chief Business Development Officer, MOBILERA B.V., Turkija)


2. „Reklama mobiliajame internete Lietuvoje“

Vilija Vaitkevičiūtė (reklamos tinklo mobiliajame internete ADMOBI projektų vadovė, Lietuva)


3. „The opportunities of Mobile Advertising“

Karolis Petrokas (Turinio skyriaus vadovas, OMNITEL, Lietuva)

Ati Serpoushan (AM for Nordic & Baltic Region, JUMPTAP, Švedija)

Fredric Andersson (Sales Manager, Nordic & Baltic Region, JUMPTAP, Švedija)


4. „Learnings and case studies from a Swedish mobile ad network“

Mindaugas Liulys (Value Added Services Manager, TELE 2, Lietuva)

Emil Salonen (partner director for the ADIENTO, Švedija)

Johan Näslund (Head of ADIENTO, Švedija)


Pastaba: užsienio šalių pranešėjai pranešimus skaitys anglų kalbą.




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 Githa, 2016-05-10 09:57
That's really thkining out of the box. Thanks!

 Irham, 2015-11-23 11:30
I want to do a post on edtinig and why good edtinig is a good thingI just encountered a good example of this in the past few days - I downloaded an e-book the other day, by Gwen Perkins, and while the most part it was really good (the sort of book where by about 2/3 of the way through, you really don't want to do anything other than just finish reading it, and decide that things like work, eating, etc., can all wait), it was published by a small press that apparently didn't have much a budget for edtinig, so there were a lot of minor errors sprinkled throughout. Not so much typos - it had obviously at least been proofread - but little grammatical and punctuation glitches, bits of stylistic awkwardness, etc. that a good editor would have caught. Which was a shame, because it was otherwise such a strong novel.With regard to writing questions, I have one, though I guess it's as much about psychology as about writing itself: how do you handle having to write bad things happening to characters you like? I'm working on a novel right now and one of the things I'm wrestling with is that a certain point, a character I'm quite fond of is going to have to die, and I really don't want him to. But it has to happen for plot reasons. Intellectually I'm fine with it, and understand that good stories often include tragedies as well as triumphs, that it would probably weaken the story if I found some way to avoid killing him, etc. But emotionally, I'm having a hard time facing up to it, and keep avoiding writing that scene. Any advice?

 Wayne, 2013-11-10 18:06
You should read the full legned of Neringa and Naglis. In all the versions I've read, Naglis is the giant who arrives from far-off lands and kills the nine-headed serpent in return for Neringa's hand in marriage. They're the perfect couple, since both are giants. Over the course of the story, it also explains the spit as a load of sand from Neringa's apron that she pours into the sea to protect the coastal villages from the serpent's wrath. I read up on this because my brother's name is Naglis.I think the serpent had a name too, but if so, I can't remember it. Probably because he lost. What a loser.Also, I heard that lavender is not a naturally occurring plant in Lithuania, although I may be wrong. This is in reference to your other post, which I also read. I am at work.

 Azmat, 2012-10-20 16:04
Thanks for this info. I try to drink 8 glasses of water a day but I've never been much of a water direknr. I alternate with flavoured mineral water and have discovered one that is fairly pure in that it only has 25kj(about 6cals) per 250ml. The only added extras are the fruit juices not all the sugars and flavours like in some of the other mineral waters. I haven't lost any weight this week but I haven't gained any either. I'm finding that if I have a big breakfast and lunch I don't feel like a big meal in the evening so there's less unused 'energy' just waiting to park itself on my hips etc. I walk in the late afternoon and this seems to make me feel less hungry also.Cheers,Robyn

 Bomnereespoke, 2012-09-13 09:58
Hello! Nunc nec magna dui in porttitor enim lectus. Nulla magna justo laoreet eget ullamcorper nunc.

 Carole, 2012-03-28 21:42
Po 9 mėn. gali būti ne daug įvariataučių, o daug nežinančių savo šaknų ir nesuprantančių kas jie tokie iš tikro vaikų. Jei tėvai nurtei vertybių, tai vaikai jų negali įgyti iš kitur.O vertybės…vertybės turi būti šiandien ir dabar, rytoj, visada, viduje. Jei daugeliui Tėvynė mylima tik tada kai laimi Lietuvos rinktinė ir pamirštama bei ant jos pilamos pamazgos kai ta rinktinė pralaimi arba kai reikia mokėti mokesčius, tai apie kokias vertybes galime kalbėti? Ir tai ne VP kaltė. VP yra ant bangos tenkindama paklausą. Esmė mumyse. Jokia VP nepaveiks, jei žmogus mastys, o ne kartu su visa banda mekendamas beeee beeee eis ir pirks koktaus skonio alų gaminačios įstaigos logotipais apipaišytas vėliavėles. O paskui, ant mašinos užkabinęs tą pasityčiojimą iš Lietuvos vėliavos, vaizduos didelį patriotą

 tadalafil, 2012-02-21 04:52
Faites attention aux plantes des entreprises ou ses.

 qijuzivi pornit, 2008-12-23 16:29
appreciation you barest much for the low-down provided on the location. content govern any questions to ask admin soap.

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